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How ProtoCloud Works

ProtoCloud deploys and manages a complete, pre-integrated stack of infrastructure and the application components running on top of it. This tightly couples the management of infrastructure with the applications consuming it, and so removes the need for complex manual coordination and separate automation solutions.


Scale from average utilisation, not peak.

ProtoCloud solves for peak load by deploying for average utilisation and then autoscaling on-premise infrastructure on demand. Application workloads can then burst into the cloud for unanticipated demand and platform services. This means that enterprises can integrate Public Cloud services into their IT architectures immediately, without expensive multi-year “lift and shift” application transformation programmes.


Dynamically scale both the size and number of instances.

ProtoCloud autoscales on-premise infrastructure both vertically, i.e., increases the virtual resources available to an application workload, and horizontally, i.e., scales the number of load balanced instances available to that application workload. ProtoCloud does this across bare metal, virtual machine (hypervisor) and container deployments.

All this is driven by an orchestration engine which automates all deployments, and a policy engine which dictates what parts of which applications run in which target location (whether that is on-premise, a leased data centre, a cloud service provider region or an edge data centre).


Manage entire application groups and all the infrastructure they consume – together.

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